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Helping to end hunger with pay-what-you-can community cafes

Contact Us

Welcome to the One World Everybody Eats contact us page.  If you have comments or questions, please email us at To see and learn more about the cafe, visit our pages on Facebook .  Our mailing address is: One World Everybody Eats 70 SW Century Drive Suite 100-483 Bend, Oregon 97702

Career and Volunteer

Locally Volunteer

One World Everybody Eats is part of a growing wave of social entrepreneur-type non-profit, ‘pay what you can’ cafes operating in self-sustainable manner. We are always willing to help people who are investigating the model find volunteer opportunities in a community cafe in our network. One of thto see if this concept is really for you is to visit a community cafe and be part of their staff for a few days or a week if possible.

Globally Volunteer

As we help those other communities around the world who want to put in “community cafes” we feel that there is always room for others to get involved. This is an ideal opportunity if you are planning to do a cafe yourself to get real hands on experience or to simply volunteer for a community. As this idea develops around the globe we will try to offer the same opportunity for you to volunteer with a cafe in our global network. You may also find yourself drawn to help a community abroad and we would be willing to mentor you in that endeavor.Please feel free to get involved by contacting us to see what projects are happening now.

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