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Helping to end hunger with pay-what-you-can community cafes



One World Everybody Eats needs your support so that we can continue to help other communities put in their very own “Community Cafe”.  We provide voluntary support via email, phone, documentation support, help facilitate a community Q/A meetings and go on location to help communities open/organize their establishment.

Your money will be spent to provide this service.  Once a group raises funds to open a cafe they are run to be sustainable and should be able to generate the money to pay their employees, the rent, buy food, while providing job training in the food industry to their volunteers. It is not uncommon for cafes to do additional fund raising a few times a year to generate extra funds for capital upgrades or new program development.  In times of a depressed economy when more community members need to volunteer to earn a meal and fewer people can pay to eat out, the cafes may need more assistance. Denise could use airline miles to help with the cost of flying out to these locations.. You can call her for details 801 953 9953. There are many reasons why people donate to something. They may have a personal interest because of an occurrence in their own lives. They may be moved or compelled because they have a desire to see a change. Or they may feel that government alone is not capable of addressing the issue adequately. Whatever the reason, there are no shortages of worthwhile causes to donate to. You may also view our profile at

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Because we are now a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, we can now request these “in-kind” donations and provide proof of donation to donors. In-kind donations are offered in lieu of cash and may include: Someone to help us write grants and to help with social media.!!! Someone to sign Denise up as a ‘companion flyer’ if you work for Delta and have a fairly high seniority. (Sorry to be so picky and ask for this HUGE favor, I just cannot afford to get stranded too often!) This would really be a plus to our organization. We help so many communities and traveling is a major expense. 1. Use of corporate services and facilities

  • financial and administrative support services
  • meeting space
  • mailing services
  • computer services
  • printing and duplicating

2. Professional services and employee expertise

  • advertising, promotional and marketing services
  • legal assistance
  • tax, business and financial advice
  • strategic planning
  • graphic arts and design

Most immediate needs:

Cash – If you wish to make a cash donation, our website is set up with Paypal at the bottom of this page to accept those donations. There are several ways you can make a cash donation:

    • Direct Donations – You may donate directly to One World Everybody Eats via Paypal. You may also visit a number of websites that allow for donations to non-profit organization. (Note: OWEE is in the process of registering with several such websites. We may not be listed in their database immediately).
    • Airline Miles and Travel Passes – These are much needed as Denise, board and staff need to travel for the organization. Stand-by “Buddy Passes” are preferred.  If you are donating a paper certificate, please include a signed note indicating the restrictions of the pass. Otherwise, all of the major airlines offer the ability to donate miles and travel passes on their websites. Tickets purchases may be purchased in the name of One World Everybody Eats.
  • Wills or Trusts – You may establish a donation to One World Everybody Eats through your will or trust estate.
  • Matching Funds – You may choose to provide matching funds for any fund-raiser One World Everybody Eats  initiates.
  • Credit Card Processing – Some companies, such as Netfundz provide the means for retailers to donate a percentage of their sales to a non-profit organization of their choice through their credit card machine. The retailer not only saves on traditional credit card processing fees, but are receiving a tax-deductible credit for their donation.

Property and Real Estate – For the purposes of securing assets for use in helping us establish more community kitchens, One World Everybody Eats  will gladly accept free-title real estate and/or buildings. ** For check payments or in-kind donations, please send to: The One World Everybody Eats C/o Brian Meacham 665 West Anderson Street Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402 For our most immediate needs you can contact Denise Cerreta. Email or call 801 953 9953. ** For cash donations, click the button above to visit our online PayPal account.  No donation is too small. **