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Helping to end hunger with pay-what-you-can community cafes

World Food Day/ Food Day

One World Everybody Eats is dedicated to its mission of helping end world hunger and eliminating waste in the food industry. This year at our first annual Summit, held in New Orleans, we decided to initiate the “One World Everybody Eats Challenge”. The challenge is as follows: We are asking food establishments and all “community cafes” to give away a food item on October 16Th, World Food Day. It can be a full meal, soup, dessert, whatever they decide. We ask that this be given out in waste sensitive portion sizes to reduce food waste and over consumption of food. Establishments may also contact their favorite local food charity and collect donations for them that day and display their literature. Individuals and households and others can also get involved by eating at the participating restaurants and food establishments and bringing etra food to their local food pantrys. Participants will be designated by displaying the official One World Everybody Eats logo in their window and will be listed on our official website. We hope that the One World Everybody Eats Challenge will help raise awareness about food insecurity and help raise funds for local food charities.

Our intention is as follows:

To be able to open your doors and hearts to feed everyone in the community. To create the opportunity for those who make their livelihood in the food industry to give back. To IMAGINE what it would feel like, if everyone in the world could eat. We believe if we start with just one day, it might catch on. The History of One World Everybody Eats World Food Day In 2008, Denise Cerreta, founder of One World Everybody Eats, had the vision to ask local area restaurants to offer portion sensitive meals by donation on October 16Th, in honor of World Food Day. Money that was collected could be donated to local food related charities. With the sponsorship of the Salt Lake City Mayor, Ralph Becker, Millcreek Coffee, and Squatters Brew Pub, over 20 restaurants participated and over $3,000 was raised and a lot of awareness to food insecurity in Salt Lake City. Local food charities were profiled. We have now partnered with all of the “community cafes” and other local groups forming to start these kitchens to spread this initiative.

2011 Vendors

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2010 Participating World Food Day Venues If you’re interested in learning more about World Food Day, and its history, click here. If you want to participate or to learn more information, click here.