Our Core Values


The 7 Core Values of an OWEE Community Café

  • Pay-what-you-can pricing – Each customer sets their own price for their meal.  You may have suggested prices or price ranges.
  • Patrons choose own portion size –You can offer small, medium and large plates, mindful portion sizes, buffet or cafeteria style.  This helps eliminate food waste, curb overeating and supports your customer in adhering to their personal budget.
  • Healthy, seasonal foods – A commitment to providing local and organic where possible; sustainably grown, raised or caught.
  • Patrons can volunteer in exchange for a meal – This provides a “hand up, not a hand out” opportunity.  Be mindful that a properly trained volunteer can lead to future employment in the food service industry.
  • Volunteers are used to the greatest extent possible – This is an important key to building community and sustainability.  Volunteers can just be working for meals or because they want to support your efforts to curb hunger in your community.
  • Paid staff earns a living wage – This will vary by region, but $12 to $15 per hour is a guideline.
  • Community Engagement and a Community Table – Be mindful of the inclusion and participation of your larger community for the success of the café and to communicate these seven core values. Have a larger table where individuals and small groups can sit with others and make a larger group that can cross social, economic and other societal boundaries.

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