Cafes in progress


Unnamed, Dothan, contact Eddy Stevens:

Unnamed, Dothan, contact Dwight Deal:


Stone Soup Cafe, Fairbanks, contact Jennifer Jolis:


Now Serving Cafe, Phoenix, contact David and Christy Alvarado:

Unnamed, Phoenix, contact Rev. Amy Joon:


Nourish Cafe, Oakland, contact Tyler Gannon:

Unnamed, Santa Cruz, contact: Matthew Staker:

Unnamed, Redding, contact Claire Heydon:

Atomic Awakening, Los Angeles, contact Ally Johnson:

Unnamed, Palm Springs/Coachella, contact Mark Beckloff: &nbsp

Unnamed, Santa Ana, contact Michelle Haddad:

Kitchen of Wonder, Victorville, contact Lisa Hayes:

Mercy Cafe, Salinas, contact Nanette Murphy:

Unnamed, Chico, contact Cole Sampson:


ROOT Cafe, Denver, contact Josh Gold:

Live in Hope Cafe, Denver, contact Alix Midgley: 

Mom's Community Cafe, Longmont, Contact Nick Mazour:

Lost Art Cafe, Victor, contact Mary Anne O’Bannon and Alexander McCurdy:

The Warm Hearth Foundation, Montrose, contact Rev. Chris Millikin:


Nourish My Soul/From the Ground Up Granby, CT Contact Alicia Newton email:

Unnamed, New Haven, contact Adele Crawford:


Unnamed, Delaware area, contact Bryony Zeigler:


Taste Hope, Ft. Lauderdale, contact Steve Werthman:

Unnamed, Ft. Lauderdale, contact Sara McIntosh:

Unnamed, Miami, contact Lori:

Unnamed, Orlando, contact Diana Green:

Unnamed, Orlando, contact Rachel Bowen:

Unnamed, Lithia, contact Donald Saunders:

Unnamed, Jacksonville, contact Kathi Crothers:

Unnamed, Inglis, contact Teresa Freel:


Georgia Spirit Cafe, Atlanta, contact Jeffery Regan:

A Bite of Heaven, Atlanta, contact Rev. Bruce Cook:

Unnamed, Atlanta, contact Alena Dauria:

Unnamed, Milledgeville, contact Rose Haskell:


Unnamed, Honolulu, contact Randy Linville:

Kohala Village Hub, Hawi, contact, Kay Kammerzell:


Grace Cafe, Boise, contact Nancy and Rev. David Goebel:


Tandem Way Cafe, Chicago, Illinois Contact Person- Meg Bauhof email:

Unnamed, Waukegan, contact Kim Marie Ball

Unnamed, Chicago, contact Bonnie: 773 576 4547

Unnamed, Chicago, contact Meghan Collins:

Unnamed, Chicago, contact Tim Sherbondy:


Helpings of Hope, Indianapolis, contact Kitty Seelig:

Unnamed, Goshen, contact Linda Metzler and Chris Gill:


Unnamed for now, a project of Matthew25, Contact: Clint Twedt-Ball   Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Southwest Circle Cafe, Fort Dodge, contact Jodie:


Spark Community Cafe, Woodford County, contact Rachael Kral:


Unnamed, New Orleans, contact Andrea Kippur:

Welcome Home Cafe, New Orleans, contact: Quo Vadis Breaux:

Unnamed, Shreveport, contact Toni Green:


Unnamed, Bethesda, contact David Robert Lambert:


Food on the Roof, Northampton, contact Bernadette Giblin:

Unnamed, Boston, contact Sarah Martin:

Unnamed, Boston, contact Kristina Simes:


Daniel’s Kitchen, Edmore, Michigan contact: Angela McPherson email-

Soul Candy Cafe, Detroit, contact Virginia Masson:

Unnamed, Detroit, contact Allison Burket: 

Unnamed, Detroit, contact Scott Martin:

Unnamed, Detroit, contact Nubia Wardford Polk:

Unnamed, Oakland County, Contact Terry Zeller:

Manna Feast Organic Gourmet, Houghton Lake, contact Jeanette Endsley:

Unnamed, Farmington Hills, contact Loren Stewart:

The Planetary Cafe, Ypsilanti, contact Paul Saginaw via Kim Aikens:


The Kitchen Table, Minneapolis, contact Chris Gabriel and Renee Michele:

Nosh Cafe, Minneapolis, contact Colleen Lake:

Unnamed, St. Paul, contact Katie Soo:

Unnamed, St. Paul, contact Warron Arnold:

Unnamed, Moorhead, contact Steve Spader 218-287-4501

Provision Community Restaurant (Opening July 2019), 2940 Harriet Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55408 contact: Anna Wienke


Unnamed, Starkville, contact Lindsay Wilson:


Ujima, St Louis, MO  contact Nickolas Speed

Food Church Community Cafe, St. Louis, contact Erica Cunningham:

Unnamed, Kansas City, contact Anne Wright:

Unnamed, Kansas City, contact Annette Riva:


Unnamed, Misoula, contact Rachel Gooen: or Micah Shanser:


Las Vegas Community Cafe, contact Salli Solich: or Heather Alfred: or Leslie Vanschaik:


Unnamed, Silver City, contact Alicia Edwards: 


Big Big Table Cafe, Buffalo, contact Mandy Bailey:

Serendipity Community Cafe, CNY, contact Melanie Shaffer-Cutillo: serendipitycommunitycafe@serendipitycommunitycafe     

Mandala Café, NYC  contact: Rev.Daiken Nelson

Unnamed, Saratoga, contact Teddi Landis:

Unnamed, Poughkeepsie, contact Susan Grove:

Unnamed, Suffolk County, Long Island, contact Laura Wynhurst:

north carolina

Peace Cafe, Winston Salem, contact Patti Parker: pattip@triad.r

Unnamed, Burlington, contact Rebecca Berube:

Unnamed, Asheville, contact Mindy Wilson:

Unnamed, Greensboro, contact Susan Griffin: and Barbara Rice:

Unnamed, Charlotte, contact Graham Sull:

Unnamed, Shelby, contact Nancy Hillman:

Unnamed, Todd, contact Renata Dos Santos:

North Dakota

Cafe Hygge, Grand Fork, ND Contact: Penny Millspaugh email: Planning to open June of 2019.


Unnamed, Hebron, contact Kimberly Crites:

Unnamed, Youngstown, contact Clint Kifolo:

Unnamed, Cincinnati, contact Tim Fitzgerald:


Food from the Heart, Portland, contact James Layton: 21


Heartshine, Harrisburg, PA  Contact: Kali Tennis

One Seed Cafe, Shippensburg, contact Lizzie Bailey: Phone:717

Cafe Grace, Wilkes-Barre, contact Jopan Clowes: 

Cafe Esperanza, Reading, contact Mary Wolfe:

Soul Platter Cafe, DuBois, contact Sarah Sedgwick:

Unnamed, Harrisburg, contact Diana Sheppard:

Unnamed, Johnstown, contact Danielle Taylor:

Pay What You Can Farmers Market, Mercersburg, contact Audrey:

Unnamed, Hummelstown, contact Michele John Posteraro:

The Trade on Kincaid, Pittsburg, Contact Leila Harvard:

Unnamed, Pittsburgh, Contact Nikki Lerino Email:

Unnamed, Pittsburgh, contact Rebecca Cavanaugh:


SAGE Cafe, Greenville, contact:Matt and Tina Cody:

Unnamed, Spartanburg, contact Keith Raines: 

Unnamed, Myrtle Beach, contact Belinda:

Unnamed, Myrtle Beach, contact: Laura Hinson:

Unnamed, Columbia, contact Kristi Castro:

South dakota



TBD ( to be decided by the community ), location will be somewhere in downtown Elizabethton.  Contact: Sara Slagle or Jessica Bitner  email:

Unnamed, Chattanooga, contact Emily Curb:

Unnamed, Nashville, contact Jessica Duck:

Unnamed, Chattanooga, contact Shelby Denton: shelbykdenton@gmail.coms


Plates That Matter, Burleson, contact: Corrine Armstrong:

Jubile, Austin, contact Kristy Butts:

Unnamed, Austin, contact Gina Harlow:

Unnamed, Austin, contact Elvia Knoll:

Unnamed, Richardson, contact Kristin Kammath:

Unnamed, Houston, contact Dewayne Branch:

Unnamed, McKinney, contact Sherry Miller:

Unnamed, Keller, contact Vicki Hall:




Unnamed, Montipelier, contact Marika Isom:


Open Door Café, Wytheville, VA, contact Andy Kegley:


Unnamed, Olympia, contact Tammy and Brad Tebrugge: and

Unnamed, Tacoma, contact Kirsten Alexander:


Unnamed, Charleston, contact Virgil Sadorra:


Oshkosh One World, Oshkosh, contact Suzette Lizotte:

Unnamed, Northern Wisconsin, contact Sascha Yates:

Wisconsin Stone Soup Cafe, Wausau, contact Robin Rinehart-Balfe: 

Unnamed, Milwaukee, contact Virginia Cassel:

Unnamed, Marshfield, contact Frank Harris:


Abby Eats Cafe, Abbotsford, BC, contact Kyle Dyck:

West Kootenay Permaculture Coop, Slocan, BC, contact Andria Green:

Unnamed, Brantford, Ontario, contact Sonya Merrill: 

Unnamed, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, contact Grace Marginson:


Unnamed, Concepcion, contact Carlos Basso Prieto: or


Unnamed, Port a Prince, contact Tamara Apollon:


Unnamed, contact Shane Griffin:


Unnamed, contact Kevin Shea: