OWEE Announces First Recipients of the Perroti Grants

A new refrigeration unit at Tulsa’s Table in Oklahoma was made possible by Perroti Grant funds.

The board of directors of One World Everybody Eats has announced five recipients of the Perroti Grants, made possible by a gift from a donor wanting to increase the amount of fresh food that cafes could make available to the communities and their customers.

The recipients are:

1. The Mustard Seed Cafe in El Paso, Texas.  They will use the money to provide free fresh food cooking classes, hands-on garden experience and walking shoes.  They already have a very nice community cafe garden where people can pick the food and then learn how to use it. They are located in a low-income area of El Paso and we loved this concept.

2.  ComeUnity in Jackson, Tenn.  They serve over 120 meals a day and have commitments from their local farmers of fresh food donations.  They will use the money to purchase extra refrigeration to store the abundance of fresh food.

3. Shore Soup Project in Rockaway, N.Y. This venture started as a response to the devastating hurricane of 2012.  One of our board members supplied his SouperVan for them to serve hot soup to displaced community members.  They continue to serve soup to their community from culled food and requested a $2,000 grant to help supplement buying extra fresh food for their soups.

4. Tulsa’s Table in Tulsa, Okla.  This group has been trying to open for years and has made a lot of headway this year.  They have partnered with a local church with a community garden that will supply fresh food for “pop up” community cafes starting this month.  They will use the money to buy a refrigeration unit to store the food.

5. Open Table in Owasso, Okla.  This is a new community cafe through the partnership of two local churches with the united cause of increasing food security. We have worked with the local visionary Melinda Foster for a few years and are excited to see her vision realized.  They planned to open mid-June and have an after-school safe space project for youth. They will use the money to buy either a cold prep unit or salad bar to provide after-school snacks for this project.