Many people have been inspired to open a community cafe in their area. We believe that there are many unique ways to present this concept to create food security. We want to embrace them all and invite you to join our network of community cafes. To join us just email us and tell us about what you are planning or doing.

Benefits you will receive

  • Mentoring for existing and for start-up cafes

  • Access to a full library of files and materials to help with your cafe development

  • Access to the private Facebook discussion group for café operators and developers

  • Effective fundraising strategies

  • Hands-on support when possible

  • use of the OWEE logo on your printed material

  • Updates and news via our MailChimp server

  • Publicity as part of the OWEE network

  • Listing on the OWEE Google community cafe map

  • Priority access to grant monies earmarked for community cafes

  • Access to business partnership deals to save you time and money

Expectations from our community

  • Have interest in starting or maintaining a community cafe using the OWEE model

  • Associate with OWEE network by prominently displaying OWEE logo and other branding on brochures, signs, web pages, etc.

  • Be willing to network with other cafés and mentor others who might want to replicate the community cafe model

  • Commit to implementing as many of the seven core aspects of an OWEE community cafe over time as possible in your situation

  • Share your operating information (i.e. sales, meals, volunteer hours, recipes, etc.) with OWEE on a regular basis to facilitate gathering network statistics for grant data and sharing

  • Try to send at least two representative to our annual Summit

We suggest that open cafes donate $100/year and those in the planning stages $50/year

This is a ‘Pay What you Can’ donation


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