One World Everybody Eats (OWEE) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to increasing food security and building community through its pay-what-you-can nonprofit restaurant model.  The organization provides a unique local solution to the global issue of hunger.

Today, the organization supports nearly 50 independent cafes and dozens of start-up cafes in its network with education, collaboration, best practice sharing, and networking opportunities.

One World Everybody Eats is dedicated to increasing food security and building community through the pay-what-you-can nonprofit restaurant model.

Every community is empowered to ensure food security for all.

1. Social enterprise.
We believe trust is a essential part of building community. Organizations whose social goals out weight profits for shareholders builds trust.  

2. Guests determine what they can pay.
We believe in providing a dignified dining experience. Healthy, prosperous communities support and celebrate every member regardless of means.
3. Guests can choose.
We believe choice is empowering and educational. Choice reduces food waste while promoting long-term food security. 

4. Everyone is welcome.
We believe food has the power to bring people together. Sharing a meal builds healthy communities, and healthy communities make a better world.

5. Space for community.
We believe in a community led approach to food security. A strong community results in long-term success of the organization.   

6. Opportunity to volunteer.
We believe in offering a hand up and not a handout. An engaged community with a healthy respect for food and its preparation is important.
7. Excellent food.
We believe everyone should have access to healthy and nutritious food. Strong local partnerships result in stronger communities.   

The Difference We Make

There are nearly 50 independent community cafes around the world who have adopted the One World Everybody Eats model including S.A.M.E. Café in Denver, Colorado; the organizations longest running café in operation for over 13 years.  Other cafés include F.A.R.M. Café in Boone, North Carolina which has operated for nearly 7 years; and Grace Café in Danville, Kentucky in operation for nearly 4 years.  The organization has experienced significant growth in recent years as new cafés launch.  New cafés include Open Door Café in Wytheville, Virginia; Thelma’s Café in Kansas City, Missouri; and A Place at the Table in Raleigh, North Carolina.       

“I visited [FARM Café] often when I lived in Boone and I earned many meals working here when I hit hard times. If there were more places like this we would have ourselves a better country my fellow Americans,” says Mark Jacob, guest of F.A.R.M. Café (Boone, North Carolina).    

“I barely take lunches, and when I do, I inhale it and spend the few minutes I have on my phone. At Thelma's I can connect. Hear stories, tell stories but connect to a great community” says Matt Ziegenhorn, guest of Thelma’s Kitchen (Kansas City, Missouri). 

In 2018, One World Everybody Eats Founder, Denise Cerreta, accepted the 2017 James Beard Humanitarian of the Year Award on behalf of the network of community cafes.

In 2016, Justinian Dispenza documented the Everybody Eats movement, and won the Lens on Hunger Award at the Real Food Films Contest.