One World Everybody Eats Announces New Executive Team as the Organization Positions Itself for Expansion

One World Everybody Eats announces today the addition of Julie Williams as Board President, Thomas Brown as Board Vice-President, Donnell Jones-Craven as Board Secretary, and Erica Cunningham as Board Treasurer as the organization seeks to expand.  And with deep appreciation for over 14 years of service, Denise Cerreta will transition from Board President to Board Advisor.  Deb Casini Klein will also transition from Board Secretary to Board Advisor.  And Fred Miller will continue as Director Emeritus.    

“This organization is like a rocket ready for launch.  And, as a part of the launch process, some pieces need to fall away,” says Denise Cerreta, former Board President, One World Everybody Eats.  “I am excited to see where new leadership takes this movement.”      

Denise oversaw the growth of a national network of community cafes from her own café, One World Café in Salt Lake City, to over 60 community cafes nationwide.    

“We are deeply grateful to Denise Cerreta for her vision and commitment to fulfilling the vision where every community is empowered to ensure food security for all,” says Julie Williams, One World Everybody Eats President Elect.  “And we are excited about the future of the organization that Denise and Deb helped to build”.    

For the last 10 years, the organization has been focused on building community amongst community cafes through annual summits, café training, and networking.  Each café is as different as the community they serve, but all are designed around community, dignity, and feeding people.    

“We are a community of community cafes,” says One World Everybody Eats Vice-President Elect Thomas Brown.  “Our cafes empower communities—neighbor taking care of neighbor, neighbor caring for neighbor.”     

One World Everybody Eats is a national community of community cafés working to increase food security for all by providing a local approach to the global issue of hunger.  The organization provides education, networking, and best practice sharing for nonprofit cafés; in order to, empower everyone to embrace the power of food to build community and serve their neighbors with dignity. 

The organization boasts nearly 50 cafés in its network.  Among its cafés is S.A.M.E. Café in Denver, Colorado; the organizations longest running café in operation for over 13 years.  Other cafés include the JBJ Soul Kitchen with two locations in New Jersey in operation for nearly 8 years, and F.A.R.M. Café in Boone, North Carolina which has operated for nearly 7 years.  The organization has experienced significant growth in recent years as new cafés launch.  New cafés include EAT Café on the campus of Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Taste Community Restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas; and A Place at the Table in Raleigh, North Carolina.         

“…This place is amazing. My heart has only been touched like this a few times before. The message, the mission, the food is all amazing. Places like these are changing and improving the world. This place is magical.”  David Mitchell Cichon, Guest at S.A.M.E. Café (Denver, Colorado) a One World Everybody Eats Café. 

One World Everybody Eats encourages everyone to become a part of the local solution to the larger issue of hunger.  Connect with your local Everybody Eats Café (click here for a list of Everybody Eats Cafés), or consider serving your own community and open an Everybody Eats Café.  One World Everybody Eats offers free resources to help you get started.  Find out more at